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Firstly we would like to appolagize for the shipping delay. Our product is now officially shipping , and we have eliminated delay for future orders. All future orders will be shipped within 24 hours of payment. As this is a big project we needed to make sure that everything would be perfect for both the present and the future. Let us tell you the wait is well worth it as we have made our product even better then we thought possible. We have several new things to announce. Our Backup Manager v1.1 will be released on or before the 15th of September with a very valuable feature as well as increased reliability and expandability. We have received many emails asking about updates, we have a solution in the works (unlike all copy cat clone makers), Our solution will be released within 7 days as well and will only work with original units. As well we receive many inquiries as to price and competition. It is very important for all dealers and end users to understand that you get what you pay for. It costs a lot of money to support and provide new features. Clone makers/ Free versions do not have our associated costs for research or production , but when you buy cheap you receive an inferior quality product that will not be able to have any updates or support. Remember everybody you get exactly what you pay for. Some might say our product is priced to high , but we have to say if you want something that will continue to work then the money is well worth it! Thank you from the PS JAILBREAK TEAM

PS Jailbreak is online (hopefully for good this time)

We have experienced some more downtime but now the problems should all be resolved. For any dealer who submited a signup request please contact us again. For our loyal clients we hope to bring you the best experience in 7th generation video gaming. Our distributor page has also been updated with accredited dealers for you to purchase from. We will be sending all dealers their official badges to place on their websites within 24 hours.

New PS Jailbreak Now Shipping

We are now shipping the long awaited PS Jailbreak. The worlds only plug and play USB chipset. We are looking forward to seeing your inventive custom applications using our homebrew enabler.


The X3 Jailbreak is a mere flash drive.


Indepth analysis HERE with Photos and Technical Specs

Step by Step Installation and Setup of PS Jailbreak PS3 MOD

Just follow a few easy steps using the PS Jailbreak to Jailbreak / Mod your PS3

Now available for download in PDF Format

Full 6 Minute Video of PS Jailbreak’s Gameplay!

Check it out HERE for a full rundown of the features and PS Jailbreak’s 2X Gameplay Loading Speed

PS Jailbreak User Manual Now Available

The PS Jailbreak User Manual Is Now Available for Download

Download it HERE in PDF Format

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